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December 09, 2021 Adapt Tips Season 1 Episode 9
The Adapt Tips Podcast
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In this episode of the Podcast, we talk about the open-source movement and how it relates to Adapt. Open-source is a term that encapsulates licences that allow users to freely use, change and distribute the changes. Adapt uses the GPLv3 licence which grants these freedoms.

Chuck and Simon discuss the pros and cons of open-source software versus proprietary software. They discuss the rationale behind open-source and some of the limitations of open-source licences. 

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What are some of the pros of open-source?
What are some of the cons?
Why do software developers release software open-source?
What's the business model(s) behind it?
Which business model most closely aligns with Adapt?
Adapt has multiple collaborators with their own interests. Does this work out well?
What are the obligations of the GNU3 license?
Wrap up