The Adapt Tips Podcast

Accessibility (Ft. Ollie Foster)

October 28, 2021 Adapt Tips Season 1 Episode 8
The Adapt Tips Podcast
Accessibility (Ft. Ollie Foster)
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In this episode of the Podcast, we've invited Ollie Foster from Kineo to talk about Accessibility in Adapt.

Accessibility is an often blanket term used so during this episode we dive into some of the specific needs of learners that benefit from these elements and how Adapt has managed to address them. We discuss how Adapt has incorporated feedback from users to ensure it remains one of the most accessible Authoring Tools on the market.

Kineo has created an extension with accessibility improvements that allow a learner to choose which elements should be turned off or on inside of the course. If you'd like to try it yourself and give feedback you can do so here -

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Introducing Ollie
How did you get involved with accessibility within Adapt?
What do people mean when they say accessibility?
How well does the industry understand accessibility?
Do some clients value accessibility more than others?
Do e-learning teams treat accessibility as a technical issue?
Do different sectors put a greater priority on accessibility?
Is there ever a trade of between accessibility and interactivity?
Who is responsible for accessibility? A quick overview of roles
How do new hires at e-learning teams get these skills?
How does Adapt compare to other authoring tools?
Which of Adapt's accessibility features are you proud of?
What haven't you been able to achieve yet?
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