The Adapt Tips Podcast

Just In Time learning (Ft. Aaron Murray)

October 13, 2021 Adapt Tips Season 1 Episode 7
The Adapt Tips Podcast
Just In Time learning (Ft. Aaron Murray)
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In this episode of the Podcast, we've invited Aaron Murray from Ken Cook to talk about what he coins "Just In Time" learning.

Ken Cook uses Adapt to create learning which is designed to be taken at the point of need. Whether it's on the shop floor with QR codes or the factory floor with Bluetooth beacons, learners are able to access the knowledge exactly when they need it.

Over this episode, Aaron shares why Adapt is perfect for this kind of delivery. Thanks to Adapt's mobile-first design, deep linking to specific components allowing learners to get to the exact knowledge point they need and the benefit of extensions like Search and Glossary to make the most navigable learning experience.

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What is Just In Time (JIT) learning?
How do you distinguish JIT to regular e-learning?
Why is Adapt so great for JIT learning?
Designing courses to be taken non-linearly
Using QR codes to deeplink to specific components
What software do you use to deliver?
How long is the typical JIT course?
Do you lean more towards text or video for JIT?
Wrap up