The Adapt Tips Podcast

Bespoke content (Ft. Ben Sharp)

September 30, 2021 Adapt Tips Season 1 Episode 6
The Adapt Tips Podcast
Bespoke content (Ft. Ben Sharp)
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In this episode of the podcast, we are discussing creating high-budget, bespoke content in Adapt. We are joined by Ben Sharp, Head of Operations at Bloc Digital.

Bloc Digital are a digital visualisation and learning studio which uses Adapt to create bespoke learning content for their clients, which mostly consist of multinational, blue-chip companies.

These complex and creative solutions have to meet their client's unique demands and requirements particularly regarding learning content with impact. For Bloc, it's imperative that their main Authoring Tool is both capable, and flexible, enough to deliver.
 Over the course of this episode, we discuss why Adapt is perfect for creating this sort of content. Covering topics such as:

  • Why Adapt is so well suited for bespoke content
  • A typical Adapt workflow for a team using Adapt
  • Creating themes that match a client's brand guidelines
  • Creating custom plugins for projects and making use of open-source plugins
  • Making use of Adapt's licence-free nature to enable clients to create their own content or make amends after delivery
  • Some of the challenges of working with Adapt and hopes of future features.

If you work for an e-learning agency that creates content for clients who require custom e-learning this really is a must-listen episode.

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What is Bloc Digital?
What sort of clients does Bloc work with?
How long has Bloc been using Adapt for?
What does a typical Adapt project look like for Bloc?
Bloc's approach to themeing
Does Bloc have its own custom plugins?
How does Bloc make use of public Adapt plugins?
How does Bloc's clients feel about Adapt?
Does Bloc provide the Adapt Authoring Tool to its clients to maintain content?
What are Bloc's challenges with Adapt?
What features are you looking forward to?
Adapt's translation process
Wrap up