The Adapt Tips Podcast

AT 1.0 release (Ft. Tom Taylor) Pt. 2

September 09, 2021 Adapt Tips Season 1 Episode 5
The Adapt Tips Podcast
AT 1.0 release (Ft. Tom Taylor) Pt. 2
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In this special two-part episode of the podcast Tom Taylor, Open-source Learning Technologies Developer at Kineo joins Chuck and Simon to talk about the 1.0 release of the Adapt Authoring Tool.

In this second part, Simon asks Tom if he thinks Modules will be shared like Framework plugins currently are and when teams should be planning to upgrade to AT 1.0, as well as how they can migrate.

Thanks again to Tom for joining us and everyone who worked on the 1.0 release of the Authoring Tool.

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Do you see modules being freely shared like plugins?
Why aren't themes open-sourced like other plugins?
How will modules get marked as compatible with each other?
What does the word "Module" mean?
How much longer will the legacy version be supported?
Will FW v6 be a good reason to upgrade AT?
When can we expect an official release of AT 1.0?
How you can help with feedback and testing