The Adapt Tips Podcast

Theme development (Ft. Matt Horton)

September 08, 2023 Adapt Tips Season 2 Episode 2
The Adapt Tips Podcast
Theme development (Ft. Matt Horton)
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In this episode of The Adapt Tips Podcast, Simon talks to Matt Horton from We Know Training about the process that a  larger size e-learning agency goes through to create themes in Adapt for their clients.

We discuss the styling options available in Adapt, the steps that are required to coordinate between client, designer and developer, and the benefits that good accessibility brings to everyone.

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Introducing Matthew, We Know Training and the type of clients they work with
Do you use the Framework or Authoring Tool to create a theme?
Do you create new themes from the Vanilla theme or do you have an inhouse theme?
Ensuring designers have an understanding of how to design a theme
How do you distinguish between the different budgets that clients have?
Do you have a standard offering of components and extensions that you offer clients. How do you inform clients (and the internal team) what's available?
Creating a "kitchen sink" of components and extensions
Managing expectations of designers who expect free-form functionality of tools like Storyline or Captivate
Mobile design elements
Creating mockups for mobile (as well as desktop)
Designing for accessibility and how this helps everyone
Adapt Visua11y
Wrapup and shoutouts