The Adapt Tips Podcast

Being an Adapt Team Lead (Ft. Sam Howell)

June 16, 2022 Adapt Tips Season 1 Episode 12
The Adapt Tips Podcast
Being an Adapt Team Lead (Ft. Sam Howell)
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In this episode of The Adapt Tips Podcast, Chuck and Simon talk to Sam Howell who is the go-to Adapt expert for the production team at Learning Nexus, a UK-based e-learning agency.

Throughout this episode, we discuss the responsibilities of an Adapt expert within a team. This Adapt expert may perform tasks which are completely removed from project-based content development, such as upskilling staff, enabling more efficient collaboration, discovering new plugins and creating new themes for clients. We discuss the benefits that this role can bring to the team as a whole.

Sam also shares information about his own free learning initiative which combines his interest of free open-source software and open education.

  • You can see Sam's freelearn courses here
  • You can learn more about Learning Nexus here

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Introducing Sam
Why did Learning Nexus start using Adapt?
Did you know of Adapt before your company used it?
Improving the team's use
Do you use the Adapt Framework or Authoring Tool?
What roles are there are Learning Nexus?
How are your visual designs developed?
What would you say to companies that are hesitant to adopt Adapt?
What other Authoring Tools do you use?
Providing customers access to Adapt
Plugins that you've created
How to better involve Art Directors in theme development
Free Learn initiative
Wrap up