The Adapt Tips Podcast

Creating plugins

February 10, 2022 Adapt Tips Season 1 Episode 10
The Adapt Tips Podcast
Creating plugins
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In this episode of The Adapt Tips Podcast, Chuck and Simon talk about the process of creating plugins in Adapt.

They cover different types of plugin development plugins including creating components, extensions, themes and menus. They discuss design considerations and how they approach plugin creation projects that they take on for their clients.

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What do you think of custom plugin requests?
Do you assume the client is aware of exactly what they want? Do you ever recommend something else?
Which type of plugin is hardest to create?
Do clients request a plugin or do they request functionality?
What's the strategy for starting development?
Utilizing existing Adapt plugins
Upgrading older Framework plugins
Do you get provided art direction for designs of plugins?
Testing and delivering plugins
Ensuring clients are aware of edge cases for using plugins